Who we are

Insight Management Solutions was formed in 1984. We work closely with our clients to develop their potential to excel. In order to do this successfully, we provide a range of management development training, research and consultancy services.

Driving progress in Learning and Development

We strive to push the boundaries of learning methods and, as a result, we have developed our own Learning Management System and e-academy. We are also strong believers in using blended approaches to learning. Blended learning allows the combination of both tutor led and e-learning elements – providing the best of both worlds to support different learning techniques. These new innovations offer a flexible, appropriate and cost-effective means of learning to clients and individuals.

Our Core Values

As a company, Insight Management Solutions have always taken pride in building long term relationships with our clients, many of whom have worked with us since our early beginnings and grown with us. We feel that these relationships are sustained by living up to our core values of offering a high quality, value for money service designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our Commitment

The Insight Management Solutions team is committed to providing high quality, up to date services for all of our clients. We have a core group of full-time consultants who have worked with many prominent companies, including almost fifty local authorities throughout the UK. Our wealth of public-sector experience has enabled us to gain an informed perspective of the major Local Government changes that have been, and still are, occurring.

As a “service organisation”, we rely on our dedicated team of people to deliver this commitment through ensuring we have a highly skilled and motivated workforce. To this end, we wholeheartedly believe in being a family friendly organisation, taking account of child care and home commitments, offering flexible working arrangements and home working as appropriate. The business has a flat organisational structure with roles and responsibilities being allocated according to need, experience and interest.

We are committed to equality of opportunity for everyone, and the valuing of diversity. This helps us to form a strong foundation for both our work with clients and our internal business practice.


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