If you are looking to progress your career Insight can offer you:

Accredited Management Qualifications

Insight Management Solutions is an Accredited Centre with the ILM, offering a full range of internationally recognised courses in Management, Leadership and Coaching.

There will be a qualification for you whatever stage you are at in your career.   Whether you are a newly appointed supervisor just starting out on your management profession and would benefit from a Level 3 Award in First Line Management, or if you are a more established manager who is looking for the challenge of a Level 7 qualification in Strategic or Executive Management, Insight can offer a full spectrum of learning to suit you.

Personal Development Planning

We can provide all the necessary materials and support to help you identify and plan your career development. We have a range of tools you can use to review your current strengths and preferred styles and gather feedback from others who know you and the way you work. All of this information is then used to build your personal profile and, following discussion with your personal tutor, you can shape and implement your personal development plan, using our materials and courses to help you to enhance your workplace performance

Coaching & Mentoring Support

Many high-flying managers and leaders have long recognised the value of mentoring and coaching. Insight has worked successfully with countless managers over three decades, supporting them and encouraging them, developing their understanding of their management style, and overcoming their unique challenges, enhancing their career and job satisfaction.

We provide a range of face to face and on-line coaching and mentoring services, developed in discussion with you and tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to tackle a difficult issue, enhance your workplace image, progress to the next level in your career or simply give your confidence a boost, we can design a mentoring or coaching programme to help you achieve your goal.

Approved Psychometric Questionnaires

We have explored a wide range of professional psychometrics, and we regularly utilise the following four types of Psychometrics, depending on your specific needs, to inform your behaviour and help you develop in the way you want.

Belbins Team Profiles

Insight Management Solutions has worked with Belbin Reports for a number of years. We feel they work as an instant tool helping individuals in understand their ‘team role’ and understand their behavioural strengths and weaknesses.

Belbin Team Role reports give a common language to help people to:

Belbin Team Roles…more than just theory.

Mental Toughness (also known as MTQ48)

This questionnaire focuses on identifying the underlying differences between individuals and their ability to cope in workplace situations. One person may thrive on the pressure, but another may falter.  Mental Toughness explains how individuals develop resilience and an inner drive to succeed.

This test is administered by AQR is reliable, validated and supported by work of Dr. Peter Clough Ch.Psych who identified four key components of Mental Toughness:

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire OPQ32

This Questionnaire, created by Saville & Holdsworth, provides an indication of an individual’s preferred behavioural style at work, how they will work with other people and how they will cope with different job requirements.  It also gives insight into the key competencies required in graduate, leadership and management positions.  It is the only personality questionnaire designed solely for use in business environments.  The results it provides gives a clear, simple framework for understanding the role of personality in the workplace and the impact it has on job performance.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (also known as MBTI)

This personality indicator is the one many people will recognise, and has inspired a great many online quizzes that you may have taken recreationally!

Our team of expert Associates includes a number of approved practitioners of the official Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and it is a tool we have used for a number of years with great success. We are very familiar with the reports and outcomes it generates, and how those can be utilised in developing a learning programme that suits the type of person you are, and the way you learn.  Please get in touch with us for more detailed information.

The Psychometric Questionnaires will be available to purchase via our catalogue, or if you would like to discuss anything in further detail contact us on


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