Things to consider before committing to online learning:

For many people, the appeal of online learning, with it’s flexible, affordable approach to qualifications to further already full-time careers, is understandable – and the industry is booming, which shows that there’s a growing market for this shift from traditional classroom learning.

With that growing market, though, come a number of questions anyone looking for flexible learning needs to consider. If you’re hoping to expand your qualifications, and further your career, with distance learning, here are some things you might want to consider:

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Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping as a tool for success.

When you’ve been working for your employer for a few years, and an opportunity for a promotion has opened, you know that your managers need to choose which member of the team is ready to take the step up; the HR team have said they’ll be using competency mapping as part of the recruitment process, and you’ve been asked to fill in some questionnaires.

So, what does it mean, how can it help them to pick the right person for the job, and how can you be sure that you’ve got what they need?

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