How to perfect decision making in business

Uncertainty is one of the biggest contributing factors to stress in – and out of – the workplace. When faced with a challenging decision, a lot of us shy away from a definitive answer, delaying the point where we are forced to pick a path for as long as possible – leading to more stress along the way!

Decision making is one of the key skills of leadership, and we can help you to work through the process, establishing yourself as a confident, assertive leader who knows how to set a plan of action into play.

Leaders are faced with a lot of challenges – and picking the right path forward for their own workload, the future of the organisation, and how to get the best from their team all combine to make decision making, at times, quite overwhelming.

The best path through this process is to identify which are the most pressing issues, the pros and cons of each possible answer, and the impact those choices will have on others within the organisation and the path the company might take moving forward.

Being able to identify these possibilities without any emotional response, prejudice or personal slant means taking your own feelings out of the picture and using the facts to decide the best course of action – as well as factoring in the bigger picture rather than what works best in the moment.

These processes are skills – which means that they are processes which can be learned – and taught – which is where we come in. We can guide you or your team through the Decision Making programme, helping you to identify your own innate responses to challenges, the ways in which you thrive and where you need support, and help you to understand how to break difficult decisions down into simpler processes, working towards a decision which factors in all of the possible outcomes and leads your career and your organisation to greater successes in the future.

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