Who makes a great team leader?

 Leading a team requires a wholly different set of skills to performing well in your role, and knowing the challenges it might bring can make putting your name forward for promotion daunting.

Studying towards a team leadership qualification can build your confidence, and supporting members of your team towards these qualifications benefits your organisation in the long term with more experienced, more confident team leaders who guide their own teams towards greater success.

What skills do team leaders require?

Knowing how to prioritise, understanding the strengths and unique skills each member of that team brings, and how to appropriately position them to support those strengths and get the best from everyone. Team leadership is about more than issuing instructions, it’s about a higher level of business acumen, of understanding processes, a greater understanding of the financial challenges and processes of business, and, where relevant, creating timesheets or rotas for their team to ensure that the business is always adequately staffed.

Team leaders are there to communicate the needs and goals of upper management with the workforce on the floor, and to communicate the successes and challenges of that workforce back to the managers, delegating the workload and making sure processes run smoothly, and that everyone is being supported in their work.

It’s a multi-faceted role, and it is an important stage in career development for people looking to take their next step and build their confidence. Our Team Leadership course is just one from our catalogue of programmes, and is an excellent option for those looking for promotion, but unsure they are ready for the step. The course is also an excellent tool for those already in team leader or supervisor roles who want to clarify their own strengths and build on their experience to build confidence in their position.

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