Alex Speed

Managing Director

Alex Speed AGMA, CGMA, BA (Hons)

Alex is convinced being born and raised in Cambridge drives his passion for learning and development!

Alex has over 20 years’ experience leading teams, creating partnerships and designing develoment solutions. His commercial background brings a keen eye to detail and ensures efficient and value for money solutions for our clients.

Alex’s portfolio includes: designing and developing solutions for the next generation of school leaders; corporate strategic plans; organisational development; leadership and management; performance management and board competency frameworks.


Alex has worked in both the public, private and third sectors. In the third sector, he worked alongside the Department of Education to help develop the next generation of school Head Teachers. In addition, he forged partnerships with many Higher Education faculties such as University of Cambridge and University of Bedfordshire, working together to shape a range of education experts such as SENCOs, Heads of Department and Early Years Practitioners. This work expanded to China in partnership with the British Council. Alex has also supported the charity work of a team in Ghana, raising the standards of education in deprived areas.

In the private sector, Alex’s commercial background has led to him working at Board level across a range of industries. At Insight he gets to bring all of this experience together and ties perfectly with the goals of Insight: to work with organisations from all sectors and industries to reach their potential, to explore better strategic leadership techniques, and to support the development of their workforce.

Personal Style

Alex may be an accountant at heart, but he believes he can still relate to people! Alex is passionate about overcoming the blockades that prevent progress, and overcoming the ‘how it’s always been done’ attitude that gets in the way of a promising organisation or business leader from reaching their potential.


  • CIMA Chartered Management Accountant
  • CGMA Chartered Global Accountant
  • BA (Hons) Sustainable Performance Management